Is Your Date Really Woke?

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Dating in the modern world is a complex and often confusing experience. When you meet someone new, it's natural to want to know more about their beliefs and values. In recent years, being "woke" has become a popular term to describe someone who is socially aware and actively engaged in issues of social justice and equality. While many people claim to be woke, not all of them live up to their own hype. Here are 15 signs that the guy you're dating isn't the woke bae he thinks he is.

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1. He only talks the talk

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It's easy to say the right things when you're trying to impress someone, but actions speak louder than words. If your date claims to be woke but doesn't actually engage in any meaningful activism or allyship, he may not be as socially aware as he wants you to believe.

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2. He's defensive about his privilege

Being woke means recognizing and acknowledging your privilege, not getting defensive when it's pointed out. If your date bristles at the idea that he benefits from systems of oppression, he may not be as woke as he claims.

3. He's clueless about intersectionality

A truly woke individual understands that issues of social justice are interconnected and intersect in complex ways. If your date only focuses on one aspect of social justice, such as feminism, and ignores other marginalized groups, he may not be as socially aware as he thinks.

4. He's performative on social media

Posting about social justice issues on social media can be a way to raise awareness, but if your date only engages in performative activism online and doesn't take meaningful action in real life, he may not be as woke as he claims.

5. He's unaware of his own biases

Part of being woke is recognizing and challenging your own biases. If your date is oblivious to his own prejudices and doesn't actively work to overcome them, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

6. He's dismissive of your experiences

Being woke means listening to and validating the experiences of marginalized individuals. If your date dismisses or diminishes your experiences as a woman, person of color, or member of another marginalized group, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

7. He's only interested in "saving" you

A woke bae understands that marginalized individuals don't need to be saved, they need to be supported and uplifted. If your date approaches your relationship with a savior complex, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

8. He's insensitive to microaggressions

Microaggressions are subtle, often unintentional acts of discrimination or prejudice. A truly woke individual is attuned to these microaggressions and works to avoid perpetuating them. If your date is insensitive to microaggressions, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

9. He's defensive about cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation is a serious issue, and being woke means understanding and respecting the cultural practices and traditions of marginalized communities. If your date gets defensive when called out for appropriating culture, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

10. He's resistant to learning and growing

Being woke is an ongoing process of learning, unlearning, and growing. If your date is resistant to new ideas, perspectives, and information, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

11. He's more concerned with optics than impact

A truly woke individual prioritizes the impact of their actions over how they appear to others. If your date is more concerned with looking woke than actually making a difference, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

12. He's intolerant of dissenting opinions

Being woke means engaging in respectful and open-minded dialogue with others, even when you disagree. If your date is intolerant of dissenting opinions and shuts down conversations that challenge his beliefs, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

13. He's performative in his relationships

A woke bae understands the importance of equity and mutual respect in relationships. If your date only performs allyship when it suits him and doesn't prioritize your needs and boundaries, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

14. He's only interested in being an ally when it's convenient

Being an ally means showing up for marginalized communities even when it's inconvenient or uncomfortable. If your date only engages in allyship when it's convenient for him, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

15. He's defensive when called out

Being called out for problematic behavior is an opportunity for growth and learning. If your date gets defensive and refuses to acknowledge his mistakes, he may not be as socially aware as he claims.

In conclusion, dating a woke bae is about more than just saying the right things. It's about actively engaging in allyship, challenging systems of oppression, and prioritizing the needs and experiences of marginalized individuals. If your date exhibits any of these signs, it may be time to reevaluate whether he's the socially aware partner you're looking for. Remember, being woke is a journey, not a destination, and it's important to surround yourself with individuals who are committed to learning and growing alongside you.